5 Best Helmets Under 5000 That You Can Buy In India

Here are the top 5 Best Helmets Under 5000 That You Can Buy In India. Helmets are one of the most essential accessories that every rider and pillion rider must wear during the riding a motorcycle to ensure ultimate safety in poor conditions, so friends here we will discuss that in India Which helmet is the best under Rs 5000 that you can buy.

Before jumping to a conclusion, before purchasing any helmet one should take a look at the aspects that we should look into.

I would like to help you understand the 7 points that you need to pay attention to when buying a good helmet for yourself. So as you start considering, please note that point-wise listings are there to help you remember easily and in my opinion, all the points listed are equally important. It will be easy to decide which helmet is the best in India according to your needs.


7 Points to consider before buying a helmet


  • First of all, you have to like the design of the helmet. Now we all know that a rider looks really cool and sexy when he is wearing all his riding gear as if the design of the helmet is important for you to draw in such a way that you are wearing it all the time which eventually Takes care of your safety. . Therefore there is a need to make the design more attractive for you.


  • The second point is, the outer cover of the helmet should be made of a solid lightweight material such as polycarbonate so that it can maintain the impact of your accident, while you should not wear it down with its extra weight. You can get helmets in the lower price range, but in my opinion, when life is at stake, the cost of money should not be a factor. We spend so much on junk food mobiles etc., but when it comes to helmets we feel such hesitation that they are very expensive. My humble request is to pay that extra amount and invest it outright as it is ultimately for your safety and to enjoy a long and healthy life with your family.


  • The third point is regarding inner lining and foam. The foam used should be of good quality. It should be hypoallergenic, preferably laser cut to offer a better fit and also be completely removable so that you can wash them periodically and maintain the helmet well.


  • The fourth point is having a D-ring strap. If you are going to ride on the track then now D-ring strap is mandatory. The reason for this is that the tight end fit offers that your helmet not slip when it crashes. My suggestion is to always prefer a D-ring strap helmet over a buckle as it really serves the purpose.


  • The fifth and most important point is Some people may not know. It is a really tight fit that provides a helmet. To check if the helmet fits you well, you need to wear a helmet and shake your head, and if the helmet moves, it means that the helmet is loose and more likely to crash. So do not think that a helmet is uncomfortable when it is fit. It gets easier over time but doesn’t buy yourself a very tight helmet at the same time that you can’t breathe properly. So the helmet you bought should fit correctly. This point determines the actual class of helmet and decides whether it is the best helmet category in India.


  • The sixth point is the Ventilation system. The helmet should offer an adequate ventilation port around you so that you can breathe easily and also ensure that you do not feel suffocated inside.


  • The seventh and final point is the visor. It should be scratch resistant as well as fog resistant. Since most of us go for an early morning ride, the anti-fog visor really helps.


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Here are the 5 Best Helmets Under 5000 That You Can Buy In India right now


1. MT Mugello Jerome Matte Helmet

MT Mugello Jerome Matte Full Face Helmet Inspired by Neon Light Styling. It is great and good looking to be an entry-level contender.


Polycarbonate shell injected for better protection.
Multiple shell sizes – to provide the perfect fit for maximum protection.
Multi-density internal EPS, designed for better impact absorption. First in its segment.
Dual Certification – ECE R-22.05 (EU) and DOT (US)
Strong chin strap with D-ring fasteners
Pinlock Ready Max Vision Visor – Equipped to attach/disassemble anti-fog inserts.
Anti-allergic and internal clothing wicking
Easily removable and washable interiors.
At a weight of 50 grams, this is one of the lightest helmets in India.

2. SMK Twister:

The SMK Twister design is entirely Italian, but production is done entirely in India. It uses the most advanced technology.

Available in a wide range of 26 colors or graphics options.
The inner shell of this helmet is molded in different density EPS (expanded polystyrene foam)
The inner part is breathable with hypoallergic liners, which are completely washable and removable.
All air vents are fully adjustable.
The cap of the cap is resistant.
Bluetooth compatible.
Comes with a quick-release strap.
Homologation by ECE 22-05 (officially approved)
The helmet weighs about 1.4 kg or 1400 grams.

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Available in XL (610 millimeters) size External shell aerodynamic, moulded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic) Inner Resil coating to ...
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3. LS2 FF352 Helmet


Composition 3d optionally correct Lexan
Release system quick and easy mounting
The VISOR lock has a very smooth opening and closing.
Anti UV and anti-scratch

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Please measure your head circumference an inch above your eyebrows before ordering this helmet The fitment of the helmet should be tight and snug ...
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4. Axor Apex Venomous Helmet

Axor Apex Venomous helmet

Double D-ring for a secure fit
Dual Certified – ECE R-22.05 and DOT FMVSS 218
AX-F180 Universal Anti-Fog Visor Insert
3 intake ports and 2 outlet ports Fully adjustable
Inner sun view
Scratch-resistant diffuser
Embedded speaker pocket for communication systems
The price is 4900 INR

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DOT certified Equipped with Axor’s AX- F180 Anti-Fog Visor Insert IMPS- Injection moulded Polycarbonate shell is used for High-Performance
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5. Steelbird AIR SBA-2-Robot Motorbike Helmet

High impact ABS material shell. Multi-layer EPS (thermocol) for greater security with high density and low-density air channels.


High impact ABS material shell.
The ventilation on the top of the helmet uses the AIR BSTSTER system
Micro Matric Buckle
Innovative Ventilation System


These were the top 5 best helmets under 5000 that you can buy in India of our choice.


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