How Does Social Media Integrate With SEO?

How does social media integrate with SEO?

How and why is it possible to integrate social media and SEO into a web marketing strategy?

In a web marketing strategy, the integration between two channels such as social media and SEO becomes essential to create awareness around your brand and attract new potential customers. Search engines, in fact, evaluate the quality of a site or content produced also in relation to everything around it, therefore also considering the activities that are carried out on the social networks by the brand.

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So how can social media be integrated with SEO? And why is it important to favor this combination in a web marketing strategy? How does social media integrate with SEO?

SEO and social media, how to integrate them?

SEO and social media become an important vehicle to allow the brand to be known by new potential customers and trusted by already “tested” customers. In this sense, it becomes essential not only to obtain a good positioning of the site, important for intercepting users but also to preside over the top positions of the SERP with the official profiles of your brand to attract the attention of the audience.

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A good way to foster integration between SEO and social networks is to use YouTube as a communication channel. On this medium, in fact, videos can be published that tell about one’s business or services: these multimedia products can give rise to positioning on Google thanks to optimization from an SEO perspective. In this sense, you can go to work on inserting keywords in the file name and in the title and description of the video. You will then have to insert an attractive CTA, with a link that refers to your website. In this way, you can intercept users on search engines, and increase your brand awareness.

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In the world of social media, there are also figures who can become fundamental allies in the growth of your brand’s notoriety. We are talking about influencers or those people who are well known on social networks and whose opinion is listened to and followed by thousands of followers. Going to intercept and engage the right influencers will allow to increase or improve the brand reputation and to obtain valuable links for SEO purposes.

The integration between social media and SEO also passes through advertising campaigns. Carrying out re-marketing campaigns, both on Google AdWords and on Facebook, allows you to go and intercept those users who have already visited your company’s website, but who have not yet completed the purchase. Thanks to these integrated campaigns, it will be possible to “solicit” potential customers and actually become such, prompting them to complete the purchase that, for example, they had left in the cart.

Why is it essential to integrate social networks and SEO?

A web marketing strategy in which work on social networks and SEO is integrated can lead to:

  • increase the impact of the SEO activity, as there may be editors who see the work of your company on social channels and evaluate it positively, consequently writing content that contains a link or a quote of your brand;
  • Increase sales both online and offline, in particular by doing a work of brand reputation on the reviews received both on social profiles and on Google My Business.

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In general, therefore, SEO and social media are two indispensable tools in a web marketing strategy and must be put in a position to be able to communicate with each other in order to try to create an increase in Brand Awareness and Reputation and, consequently, in the potential clients.


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