5 Types Of Videos You Can Watch On YouTube

5 Types Of Videos You Can Watch On YouTube

More than 2 billion logged-in users use youtube daily and spend around 1 billion hours watching different types of videos on Youtube. If we talk about categories of videos, then there might be uncountable categories available on youtube. Whatever is in your mind, you can put it on a video and can upload it on youtube, and put the video in as your own category.

However, in this article, I will explain a different thing like the types of videos such as public videos, private videos, deleted videos, promoted videos, and sponsored videos. To know more about these five types of videos, stick around till the end of this article.

Watch 5 types of youtube videos


Public Videos

Everyone can watch the videos that are marked as public by the uploader. Generally, the professional content creators on youtube upload these types of videos. If you are watching videos on youtube without any restriction, that means you are watching a public video. However, only the videos listed in the public domain can be optimized and monetized!

In order to optimize a video for the youtube search result, the content creator must list the video in the public domain. It means whenever the public searches for a relevant query on youtube, the video will be found and can be watched. Similarly, to make money from any video must be listed in the public domain.

Video marketing is one of the best and most converting strategies for a company. That’s why marketers pay youtube in order to promote their product or service in front of the target customer.

So, we as a public become customers when we watch public videos on youtube. Public videos can widely be shared, so you can share the public video with your friends and family whenever you like. There are many ways you can share any public video, such as you can share the video by the simple video link or via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms. You can also embed the public video on your website. 


Private Videos

The other type of video is private youtube video available on youtube but not for everyone. To watch private youtube videos, you will need to have a special link shared by the uploader. The other form of private videos is unlisted youtube videos. To find unlisted youtube videos, you will also need to have a link shared by the uploader. These types of videos are only accessible when both you and the content owner know each other.

There are many purposes for creating private youtube videos. One of them, if the uploader wants to offer you premium content. YouTube is a public platform so that all content is free! The only option youtube offers to a content creator to make money with their video is Adsense. But, there are eligibility criteria for the content creators in order to monetize their videos for AdSense.

Until the criteria meet, the content creators look forward to monetizing their content in other ways. Offering premium content is the best option for the creators who are in the tutorial niche. They create a crash course and offer the course for a few bucks and give the access link. However, if you want to watch this kind of content, you must have an accessible link to watch privately.


Deleted Videos

Sometimes you may face an error like this video is not available. It happens because the video was deleted. Still, you can watch this video if you want.To watch deleted youtube videos, you need to copy the deleted video link and go to archive.org. It is the largest source and library for the archive file. Enter archive.org and paste the URL in the Wayback Machine. It will fetch the deleted youtube video, and you can simply watch it.


Whenever you watch a public video on youtube, you may notice an ad pops up! It is a promoted video. There are many types of promoted videos available on youtube that you can watch whenever you want. Generally, nobody wants to watch advertisements, but sometimes some ads provoke our emotions, like maybe the ads make you laugh, trigger your emotions, make you love or anything would be.

In that case, you may want to watch the ad again and again. To watch the promoted videos, all you can do is subscribe to the advertiser’s channel. Visit their channel whenever you want and watch it.  


Sponsored videos are similar to the promoted videos but by the content creator, not advertisers. It is usually a public video uploaded by the content creators and tells about the promoted product in their videos. It is a content promotion-type video that shows whether you want it or not.

It is less irritating than the ads popping up while watching any public video. If you want to be aware of any product, you may watch this type of promotion by subscribing to the channel of content creators who promote these types of products on their youtube channel.



Watching youtube videos is not a big deal, but you should know about the types of videos you are watching. This article discussed the top 5 types of videos that we watch on youtube in our day-to-day life. If you find yourself restricted from watching any video, I have explained how you can pull yourself out of it using a website like archive.org.

 You can also subscribe to the advertisers’ and publishers’ channels to watch the video again and again. However, to learn something new, you should stick around yourself with this article from start to finish.


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