What is SSL Certificate And How Does It Works

What is SSL Certificate and how does it works

You must have seen the locked

sign whenever you visit some popular websites. Some websites start their URL with HTTP and others with HTTPS, where S refers to deliver more security as it is the name to perform secure encryption. This lock sign is a full proof guarantee that the site is wholly secure and safe to visit and perform activities that relate to monetary transactions.

It becomes easy for cybercriminals to attack the website which is not secure enough. And that the only reason the website owner keeps the security at priority and buys an SSL Certificate.

Here in this blog, we will know what SSL Certificate is and how does it works:-

What is SSL Certificate and how does it works Feature

What is an SSL Certificate?

When it comes to SSL protocol it stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is high in demand because it ensures secure and authentic data on the internet in short it is a protocol that encrypts the data between your browser and the webserver. It makes sure that the shared data between server and browser application remains private.

SSL provides a sense of trust to your website visitors and as an owner assures you the high tech security of your data and sensitive information. SSL has an updated version called TLS it stands for Transport Layer Security. Nowadays both of these terms are used interchangeably we can say TLS is a new and updated version of SSL.

When we talk about SSL it was invented in the early 1990s by Netscape, it was originally launched to the public in the year 1995 with various improvements. But this version was having a security flaw which wants more improvements and redesigning.

Afterward, a new SSL version of 3.0 was released in the year 1999.

Does your Site Require an SSL Certificate?

One of the finest ways to check an SSL certificate on your website is to check the URL. In case your URL starts with HTTPS rather than HTTP then you are highly secure with SSL Certificate. The necessity of having an SSL certificate is increasing day by day this is because browsers have their policies and algorithms to indicate whether the site which is a user is visiting is safe or not.

For example, Google Chrome has not updated its security policy and it indicated the site as “not secure” which does not carry HTTPS protocol.

Today there are many sites which demand login credentials or other sensitive information from the user. This is especially possible if the site is a database infrastructure that stores critical information. To protect the sensitive data you must have a secure protocol. Security is important for this type of website because anyone can modify the data or take your site at the bottom if he has an access to the login credentials, this can harm your users’ data as well as your data too.

As cybercrimes are at a peak nowadays and they are growing at a fast speed. This rapid growth of cyber-crimes has marked awareness to website owners to take security measures in order to prevent online threats.

If you are an e-commerce site or a site that asks for filling the forms and login details of your users then you must have an SSL Certificate.

So, having an SSL Certificate for your website is highly important. It builds trust so your users can trust you to share their sensitivity. It uses encryption methods that guarantee all your information is safe and secured over the internet.

How does an SSL Certificate Works?

SSL certificate works on a principle of public key infrastructure (PKI) also known as public-key cryptography. There is two major key which comes in the role for the working of SSL. They are Private Key and Public Key, they work for securing the transactions between the systems.

SSL encrypts the data and it uses a public key for the same. On the other hand, decryption uses the private key.

A public key is a key that is shared with everyone even you use public keys while visiting websites, these keys are in a digital certificate format. You can easily check the public keys by viewing the SSL certificate details on the browser.

For more understanding let’s go point-wise detailing of working of SSL Certificate.

  • A connection is established to an SSL service on a website.
  • The request is sent to the server’s public key interchanging one’s own public key, here the encryption process begins for both the system.
  • Now the application starts using the server’s public key to encrypt the message which is provided by the user.
  • The server uses its private key to decrypt the message of users.
  • Now the message is sent back to the browser which is fully encrypted using the public key of the user.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is similar using a padlock. The server distributes the padlock which is for the use of everyone for locking and unlocking the door.

Both public and private keys are different and they perform their function by relating to each other.



In Conclusion, SSL Certificate for a website has become really important due to the high increase of cyber-crimes in the present global scenario. SSL is a security protocol that stands for Secure Socket Layer. It encrypts the data and sets a link between the web server and browser application. It uses a combination of public key and private key and hence follows Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

You must have an SSL Certificate-

  1. If as a website owner you care for your website security.
  2. If your website has a database-driven infrastructure then you must have an SSL to protect your website from threats.


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