Buy Honor Band 4 from Amazon at the best price

Buy Honor Band 4 from Amazon at the best price

Buy Honor Band 4 from Amazon at the best price

Buy Honor band 4 at best price available online. Buy Honor Band 4 from Amazon at the best price. Honor Band 4 has Dual wear modes: wrist wear mode and foot wear mode. In Foot Wear Mode, wear the band on your shoes and switch to foot mode to access the professional running form monitoring services, honor band 4 running supports and monitors 7 running form data: cadence, step length, ground contact time, foot strike pattern, landing impact, eversion excursion and swing angle. Honor Band 4 Battery lasts up to 14 days on a single charge and 21 days standby time.


Honor Band 4 is 50 meter water-resistance.

Sleep monitoring: collect sleep data and identify status such as the number of times of falling asleep and waking up, deep and light sleep.

Smart reminders: incoming call notification, mute or reject an incoming call; message reminders: supports sms, email, calendar, social apps etc

Daily activity tracking and monitoring: automatically identify walking and running status, records step count, distance covered, calories burnt and other data, also records data such as duration of moderate to high intensity activities

The Honor band 4 Running is a Unique Smart Band that supports Dual Wear Modes: Wrist Mode & Foot Mode. Honor band 4 Running integrates smart features such as running form monitoring, daily activity tracking and monitoring, sleep monitoring & message reminders. With its Dual Colored Straps, Honor band 4 Running is fashionable & is a perfect partner for you & your smartphone. Honor band 4 Running helps you learn about your fitness and sleep status, achieve better running results & helps minimize injury risks.
One can download, install & connect Honor band 4 Running to the Huawei Health App. One can check one’s fitness & health data and develop a better understanding of one’s physical conditions & fitness status.

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